Personal Message:

After 20 years of suffering with many different hormone-related illnesses, I finally had answers to the cause.  This is my story, and this is why I founded Naturally Xeno-Free Skin Care. 

It started in my early 20's when I began having severe menstrual cramping, to the point of needing medication for pain the entire time I had my period.   In my late 20's I had cervical dysplasia (pre-cancerous cells on my cervix), which required laser surgery to remove these dangerous cells.  In my early  30's I discovered 2 breast tumors which were subsequently surgically removed.  On continued sonograms I was constantly told I had fibro-cystic breast disease.  Then in my mid 30's I got married and tried to have children, to no avail;  I was basically infertile. In my early 40's I had yet another breast tumor that had to be biopsied. Still all the while, my menstrual cycle brought on severe cramping and heavy bleeding, coupled with PMS, including mood swings and irritability.

   I knew something was wrong but no-one could tell me what. After much prayer and searching, I came upon Dr. Eckhart of the Women's Therapeutic Institute in Texas. His literature explained the cause of my many  health issues...... it was
estrogen dominance caused by using products containing xeno-estrogens. My body simply could not handle all the excess "fake" estrogen. It was no longer in balance with my other hormones, and it was making me ill.  I finally had an answer to what was causing my ailments. 

And now I knew the solution:  stop using products containing xeno-estrogens. 

     Shortly after discontinuing use of all products containing xeno-estrogens, my symptoms one by one disappeared.  There was still one problem, though. It was extremely hard to find products that did not contain ANY xeno-estrogens. I  searched for hours on the internet, to no avail.  That's when I decided to  create Naturally Xeno-Free Skin Care.  My desire is to educate women about the potential hidden dangers  lurking in their skin care products, and to provide safe products that keep healthy women hormonally balanced, and restore health to those that are suffering.  

At Naturally Xeno-Free Skin Care, you can have peace of mind, knowing our products are completely safe, and luxurious too!!

- Ramona